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To order copies please email with your completed order form. The team will provide an estimate before you submit payment.

Please do not pay for copying without first submitting your request. Note that you must agree to the terms and conditions before copies can be produced.

Terms & Conditions

By placing an order you declare that:

  1. I have not previously been supplied with a copy of the same material by you or any other librarian or archivist
  2. I will not use the copy except for research for a non-commercial purpose or private study and will not supply a copy of it to any other person and
  3. To the best of my knowledge the work had not been published before the document was deposited in your archive and the copyright owner has not prohibited copying of the work I understand that if the declaration is false in a material particular the copy supplied to me by you will be an infringing copy and that I shall be liable for infringement of copyright as if I had made the copy myself.
  4. I undertake to pay all proper charges (copying, handling, postage etc) and to provide adequate proof of identity when requested, including my connection with any other person or any organisation to be invoiced for this work in accordance with S1 1989 1212 The Copyright (Librarians & Archivists) (Copying of Copyright material) Regulation 1989